Case Study: AXA

The problem

AXA wanted to position themselves as one of the major insurance thought leaders in the UK. Their desire was to offer the broking community an informative content format in a way that triggered space for a healthy debate in the market, which remained unmoved and held the view that “Chartered Status” was more than a badge and become more evangelical about the topic.


The Solution

As the self-proclaimed voice for the general insurance broking community, Insurance Age decided in 2012 it was incumbent on the brand to become one of the standard bearers for professionalism in the intermediary market, which tied in with AXA’s vision.

Thus, with the commercial support of Axa, in Autumn 2012 Insurance Age launched the Professionalism Hub. The Professionalism Hub was a dedicated microsite that included bespoke interviews with brokers and insurers alike to increase awareness and also helped to shoot down a few myths. It was also crucial for the campaign to contain opinion pieces, polls, videos, articles and research documents along with LinkedIn and Twitter based debates. It offered a platform for all points of view; not just those pro-professionalism.

Having identified the need to provide readers with a range of content, Insurance Age worked with a number of key stakeholders to offer first hand experiences of their experiences, as well as advice for businesses to benchmark themselves against the Chartered Broker requirement; and give them advice on pursuing it further if they wanted to.

  • Brand awareness
  • Thought leadership
  • Content Marketing
  • Research based


The Results

The series included some engaging videos in order to bring the debate to life, with broker interviews at their local offices, and a roundtable in which brokers had the chance to grill Axa on the wider issue of professionalism, including whether commission disclosure will raise the profile of professionalism and does passing an exam make brokers better at business?


The Professionalism Hub has been a success on many different levels. On a purely editorial basis, the campaign has provided a rich source of content across a number of mediums: news, analysis, opinion, video and a roundtable. Content which has proved a hit with the readership, as these individual articles regularly attracted over 400 page views, and in some instances double that. Overall the Professionalism Hub has racked up an impressive 13 000 page views and counting.


 “AXA was delighted to sponsor the Insurance Age’s Professionalism Hub and take full advantage of the market engagement opportunities it afforded us. The initiative came at a crucial time in the industry debate on professionalism as it was vital to keep the issue at the top of the agenda. The site not only did that, it pushed the debate forward and informed it’s broker readership of both the arguments for greater professionalism and gave fair airtime to those who questioned or opposed it.

“For us this was crucial as if we are to get real engagement in this debate and come to a meaningful conclusion, all sides must be given the opportunity to air their views. The Professionalism Hub is a real innovation and was, in 2013 a huge success in both raising the profile of professionalism in our industry and progressing the debate.”

Commercial and personal intermediary CEO Amanda Blanc